When you acquire more things than you need and have room for, your house becomes cluttered. Decluttering your home is one of the most satisfying home improvement tasks. A tidy and organized home is more relaxing because you’ll know where everything is kept. It is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Here are 5 steps to declutter your home.

Step 1: Set Clear and Achievable Goals

The first step for decluttering is to set clear and achievable goals. If you set goals that are too lofty, you may become frustrated with your progress and give up. Work on small sections of your home at a time. When you have finished one area, move on to the next.

Step 2: Make a Plan to Declutter Your Home

In this step, make a plan for decluttering. Depending on the size of your home, decluttering the house may take days or even weeks. Decide which room is the messiest and declutter this room first. Focus on the room as a whole and divide it into sections. Finish decluttering the entire room before moving to the next space.

Step 3: Sort Through Items

Once you have honed in on an area, gather everything together and sort items by categories, deciding what you’ll keep, donate, or throw away. Get rid of things that no longer fit, that you don’t use, or that you have multiples of. Depending on the condition of the item, dispose of it or donate it to a thrift store. If something is in good shape and valuable, sell it to a consignment shop or online.

Step 4: Use Storage Solutions to Declutter Your Home

Bins, baskets, compartments, and hooks are helpful for organizing your home once you have removed unwanted items. Storage solutions take up less space and efficiently store items. Clear bins are especially useful because you can see what’s inside. Use them for out-of-season clothes and shoes.

Step 5: Keep it Organized

Now that your house is tidy, keep it that way by putting things back where they belong after use. Decluttering your home is also about changing your daily habits. You won’t have to complete this big undertaking again if you declutter a little bit every day.

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