If you want to improve your home, there are many low-cost projects you can take on yourself. Most of them can be completed over a weekend. Here are 4 easy home renovations.

1. Easy Home Renovations for the Kitchen

A couple of easy home renovations that can dramatically change a kitchen are adding a backsplash and changing the cabinet knobs. Before applying a backsplash, wash and degrease the wall. You do not have to add one around the entire kitchen, either. For a more budget-friendly option, install backsplash just behind the stove. Manufacturers have created peel-and-stick tiles and options that adhere to grout. Some of the materials available for backsplash are glass and ceramic tile, tin, and vinyl.

Changing out the hardware on the cabinets and drawers adds style to the kitchen. If your cabinets do not have any knobs, you can purchase kits that come with drill bits and guides. The guides will help you put each knob in the same position on every door and face.

2. Bathroom

Recaulking a shower stall or tub makes the bathroom look brighter and cleaner. Remove the existing caulk first. Use a scraping spatula to pry away the old, discolored caulk gently. Use a sponge or rag around to wipe up the dust and leftover debris. Next, apply blue painter’s tape on each side of the area you are going to caulk. This type of tape is easy to remove. Press the tape down firmly and apply the caulk. Move at a steady pace. Once you have finished, use a rounding tool to push the caulk down and flatten its face. Remove the tape, and wait until it is dry before using the shower or tub.

3. Living Room

Some easy home renovations for the living room are to paint one accent wall and add some DIY foam crown molding. Painting one wall with a vibrant color can add depth and warmth to a living area. Make sure you have the proper clothing, eye protection, and a face mask. Before you begin painting, open up a window so that there is plenty of fresh air circulating.

To paint an accent wall, start with a primer coat. The primer will cover up the color underneath, so the new shade will not be discolored by the previous one. Once the primer is dry, you can add the new accent color. If you want it darker, add a second coat.

Many hardware stores carry foam crown molding. This type of material is easy to cut with a hacksaw. Use a hacksaw and a plastic miter box to cut the proper angles so that the crown molding sits perfectly against the wall. It adheres to the wall with traditional compound putty, and you can even paint over the foam.

4. Easy Home Renovations for the Yard

You can do some easy home renovations to your landscaping and yard that will give your home more curb appeal. Perennials come back year after year. Their root system multiplies underneath the ground. You can dig up perennial root balls and divide them. Plant each division in a new area, and you will have a fresh crop of flowers for free.

Refresh the grass by thoroughly raking it and uncovering any dry or dead spots. Save the dry clippings. Reseed the bare spots, spread the dry grass over the new seeds, and water the area. The old grass will help keep the soil damp and protect the seeds from birds.

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