If you are having a new home built on land you have purchased, you are likely looking forward to living in a move-in ready home in pristine condition. While this is often the case with new construction, mistakes and defects that are not obvious can be overlooked. Like any other home purchase, new construction needs a home inspection for several reasons. This article explains why you should order a new construction inspection for your new home.

Why New Construction Needs a Home Inspection

Homes can have defects and damages for many reasons. Some damages in an older home may be related to age or improper care by a previous homeowner. While these types of problems won’t be present in your new construction home, there may still be other issues that you will want to be addressed before moving in.

1. Poor Workmanship

On the surface, contractor workmanship in your home may look great, but it’s hard to tell without a professional opinion. The work that goes into constructing your new home is completed by various subcontractors and the quality of the work is not always consistent.

With so many moving parts, things can get rushed or overlooked. A new construction inspection protects your financial investment and can prevent serious issues from developing in the future.

2. Damaged Materials

New materials in a home may be defective from the manufacturing process or damaged during delivery or installation. Through a new construction home inspection, a qualified and experienced professional will identify any defects and damages with the materials. These can be replaced before closing so that your home is in great condition at the time of purchase.

3. Property Repairs

When you think about why new construction needs a home inspection, checking workmanship and materials are not the only reasons to consider. If an inspection is completed before closing, you can request that repairs be made before you take ownership. If you don’t realize there are defects until after you moved in, it will become a hassle getting them fixed. A new construction property inspection allows you to settle into your new home without having to worry about repairs.

4. Exercise Warranty Benefits

Many new homes are sold with a warranty that covers some construction-related issues. It is easier to have the builder correct the issue before closing so that filing a claim does not land on your shoulders. However, if you have already moved into your new home, you can still order a property inspection during the warranty period to identify claims that should be filed. Otherwise, your warranty will expire without you noticing the issues.

Regardless of how reputable your builder is or how impressive your new home appears to the untrained eye, you need hard facts about property condition. New construction needs a home inspection so that you receive a detailed and accurate report about the property. Regardless of whether you are preparing to close on a new home or you have recently moved in, ordering a home inspection is a smart step to take.

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