Many homeowners love the idea of a private swimming pool in their backyard, however, they don’t always think about the responsibility that comes with the swimming pool’s upkeep. Failure to follow proper maintenance practices could lead to algae build up, discolored water, and debris. Here are five tips for pool maintenance to keep your pool enjoyable and safe.

Proper Home Pool Maintenance Includes Checking the Water Level

Your pool works best if the water levels are maintained at three-quarters or halfway up to the opening on the pool skimmer. When the water in the pool isn’t at recommended levels, two things could happen.

If the water level is too high, the water drains slowly into the skimmer which may lead to debris clogging the skimmer and flowing back into the pool. If the water levels are too low, the skimmer won’t function properly. Instead, it draws in air in that can strain your pump.

Cleaning Out Debris

Cleaning debris is the easiest of the home pool maintenance tasks. You only need a long pole and a skimmer net to scoop debris like bugs and leaves from the water. An automatic vacuum robot can also do the job. Follow the instruction manual to keep the machine in good condition.

Eliminating Algae

Algae is often an issue in concrete pools due to their porous nature. Algae growth is further encouraged when the chlorine levels in the pool water are too low. Proper home pool maintenance includes eliminating algae by stabilizing the chlorine levels, adding an algaecide if desired, and cleaning the filters and pool walls at least once a week.

Balancing the Water Chemistry

Getting the right chemical levels for the water is an essential step in proper pool maintenance. Imbalanced pool water looks murky and causes eye and skin irritation. It may also encourage the growth of bacteria. Specialists advise that you test your pool water weekly. Monitor and stabilize the chlorine levels, alkalinity, acidity, calcium hardness, and add cyanuric acid as needed.

Toss in Tennis Balls to Help With Home Pool Maintenance

Placing tennis balls in the pool is a home pool maintenance trick. Natural oils from the body and chemicals from lotions and sunblock are left floating in the pool water. The tennis balls absorb these oils and chemicals and keep them from dirtying the water. Once a week, wash the tennis balls with soap and water and throw them back into the pool.

Keeping your pool in excellent condition requires effort, but it doesn’t have to be a tiresome task. These home pool maintenance tips will help you keep your pool clean and enjoyable.

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