For a home seller, a pre-listing home inspection is a useful tool in the sales process. Hire a professional before putting your home on the market.

A Pre-Listing Home Inspection Gives You Time to Make Repairs

You may suspect that there are minor issues in your home, but ordering an inspection will provide a complete list of all defects and safety concerns. Having this information before you put the home on the market allows you to make repairs on your own time.

With a pre-listing inspection, you can budget and plan to make improvements as you have the time and money. You’ll be able to shop around for the best contractor and can even make minor repairs yourself.

Avoid Surprises from the Buyer’s Inspection

After the offer is accepted, the buyer will order a home inspection. You won’t be surprised by their findings when you have ordered a pre-listing inspection. If you had an inspection and took the time to make repairs, it’s less likely that the prospective buyer will come to you with a laundry list of things to fix. You won’t be concerned about major issues because you’ve already had the property inspected by a professional.

When unexpected problems arise, you risk losing a substantial amount of profit on the sale of your home. You’ll be responsible for repairs or the buyer may offer a much lower price to allow for repairs in the future.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Price Your Home Accurately

One of your hopes when selling your home is to make a profit on your property. When you place your house on the market without getting it inspected first, you risk pricing it inaccurately.

Knowing the condition of your home and its systems and components will help you and your real estate agent determine a fair price. If you’ve recently made repairs or upgrades, you can expect some return on that investment and go with a higher asking price. Alternatively, if you choose not to spend money to repair the roof or replace stained carpeting, you can lower the price accordingly.

Having an Inspection Increases Your Trustworthiness

There are always two main objectives in the transaction of selling a home. You, the seller, want to generate as much profit as possible. The buyer wants to trust that they are getting the best deal for their investment.

Sharing the pre-listing inspection report goes a long way in establishing trust with your buyer. And when your buyer trusts you, they’ll be more likely to close the deal quicker. With an inspection in hand, the buyer will see the issues and won’t feel the need to get involved in lengthy negotiations about your asking price.

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