Trees are an important part of any property. They provide beauty and shade and can even help improve the value of your home. But sometimes, a tree becomes a hazard and must be removed. Here are some reasons to remove a tree from your property.

Remove a Dead or Dying Tree

Removing a dead or dying tree as soon as possible is best to prevent damage to your landscape and home. Determine if the tree poses a safety hazard due to its size and condition. If you’re uncertain, call an arborist for professional advice. Discuss whether the tree could be salvaged with proper pruning and care. A dying tree can sometimes recover with upkeep and maintenance.

Fungal Growth and Decay are Reasons to Remove a Tree

One of the most common signs that it’s time to remove a tree is when there is visible fungal growth or decay. Mushrooms growing at the base of the trunk could indicate the tree is decaying from the inside. Keep an eye out for other telltale signs, such as rotting bark or hollow spots in the trunk; these are all signs a tree has begun to rot and should be removed.

Damage to Surrounding Property

If you notice that branches have begun to break off and fall onto buildings, cars, or structures on your property, then it may be time to remove the tree entirely. This is especially true if branches consistently fall off due to high winds, ice storms, and other inclement weather. Removing the entire tree (rather than just pruning back its branches) is often necessary to protect property from further damage.

Reasons to Remove a Tree: Leaning Trunks

Another sign it’s time to remove a tree is when its trunk begins leaning significantly in one direction. A lean may be due to soil erosion or root damage that weakens the base. A leaning tree is prone to toppling over during windy weather conditions.

If trees are beginning to lean dangerously close to surrounding buildings or power lines, call an arborist soon to assess whether they need removal before they cause serious damage.

Don’t take down a large tree alone when facing any of these scenarios. Instead, hire an experienced professional arborist who can safely remove trees without causing further damage to your property. An arborist will also be able to advise you on replacements for trees that need removal.

Taking down a large tree isn’t something to take lightly. Make sure you hire a professional to ensure everyone’s safety.

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