Warm weather can take a toll on your energy costs during the hot summer months. You want to be comfortable without significantly increasing your utility bill. Here are five ways to reduce summer cooling costs.

Use Ceiling Fans More Often to Reduce Summer Cooling Costs

While it is true that a ceiling fan does use some electricity, it won’t run up your bill as an air conditioning system does. Fans are an excellent way to increase airflow throughout your home, making it feel more comfortable when the temperatures start to rise outside. Turn on ceiling fans to help circulate cooler, air-conditioned air, and the AC won’t need to work as hard.

Don’t Let Sunlight in Your Home

Keeping your home dark is a simple way to reduce summer cooling costs. The inside of your home can quickly heat up when the sun is streaming through your windows.

Look around your home to note which windows have the most sunlight coming in and close the blinds, curtains, or shades. Also, check the weatherstripping around your windows and doors. Replace if necessary to avoid allowing conditioned air to seep out.

Minimize Activities That Generate Heat

When the temperature outside rises, limit indoor activities that generate heat. Run your clothes dryer after the sun goes down. Do you want to use your stove for cooking dinner? Grill outdoors instead.

Turn off any electronic devices you aren’t using, like a TV or stereo. These items produce heat that contributes to a warmer indoor environment.

Use Your AC Unit Efficiently

You don’t have to run your air conditioning on 70 degrees all day to have a comfortable home. Keeping the home at low temps while you’re away isn’t ideal for your budget. Almost every thermostat has a built-in option that will allow you to program the temperature for all times of the day.

Schedule the thermostat to be a few degrees higher while you’re out of the house to reduce summer cooling costs. If you have a smart thermostat, you can change the temperature remotely.

Reduce Summer Cooling Costs by Maintaining Your HVAC System

Take care of your AC unit all year long for lower energy expenses. Begin by making a schedule to regularly change the filter. A dirty filter will compromise the unit’s ability to run at maximum efficiency.

Have a professional company come out to service your AC system once or twice a year. Many HVAC companies offer spring and summer tune-ups for your system at a reasonable cost.

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