With rising gas prices, everyone spends more money at the pumps, but higher fuel costs don’t just impact the fuel you put in your vehicle. Rising gas prices also cause price increases in other areas. Here are five things homeowners will pay more for due to rising gas prices.

1. Delivery Services

Whether you purchase a new couch or order take-out for dinner, the delivery driver will be paying more for gas. Fees for pizza and appliance delivery will be higher. You may also notice that mail-order companies and online shops charge higher shipping costs. 

2. Rising Gas Prices Affect Lawn Care Costs

With gas prices changing, it will cost more to purchase fuel for your mower and other lawn maintenance equipment. The same is true for homeowners who pay a landscaping service to complete the work; the company must cover the fuel expenses for their equipment and vehicles, and the extra cost will be passed to their customers.

3. Electricity

With rising gas prices, expect your electricity bill to increase as well. Around 38% of energy in the US comes from natural gasHomeowners will notice higher costs for fuel oil for natural gas-powered appliances and heating equipment. 

4. Groceries Will be Affected by Rising Gas Prices

Another thing that homeowners can expect to pay more for with rising fuel costs is groceries. Grocery stores stock their shelves with deliveries that arrive via a semi-truck, trains, and carrier ships. Transporting food requires fuel, and the higher prices mean the cost of all food increases.

It also costs more to produce the food because farm equipment uses fuel. Transporting animal feed becomes more expensive, so the cost of meat and produce will rise.

5. Home Repairs and Repair Services

Even if you are doing home improvements yourself, expect to pay more for building materials because of higher gas prices. Just as the case is with groceries, building materials are transported via vehicles that use fuel. Hiring a repair person will be more expensive because professionals will need to cover the cost of materials and fuel to travel to your home.

Because of rising prices, homeowners will pay more for necessities which will impact the household budget and add to the stress on homeowners.

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