If you enjoy cooking, you’ve probably wished for more countertop and cabinet space in your kitchen. Many apartments and older homes have smaller kitchens by design. Save space in a small kitchen to make the most of the limited area in your home’s most important room.

Save Space in a Small Kitchen with Hooks

If you can’t renovate to add square footage to your kitchen, start thinking vertically. Install pegs and hooks inside cabinet doors, on the kitchen door, along the walls, and even on the refrigerator. Hang utensils, pots, pans, aprons, and anything else to free up counter space. Hanging pot racks and spice racks are functional additions to your kitchen decor. A magnetic knife rack on the wall or backsplash will save countertop space the knife block would otherwise use.

Make Cabinets as Efficient as Possible

One way to save space in a small kitchen is to make the most of your cabinets. Use a Lazy Susan to take advantage of the depth of cabinets and pull-out baskets so it’s easier to organize and store more cleaning products beneath the sink.

Use the Tops of the Cabinets

The tops of your cabinets offer prime real estate for storage. You likely have supplies, serving platters, and maybe even a wine collection you don’t need to access very often. Store things up there that you only use on occasion. Items that don’t need to be displayed can be stored in baskets so that they have a place and the kitchen still looks inviting.

Turn the Stove Into Counter Space

Another unconventional way of saving space in a small kitchen is purchasing a stove-top cutting board to create more workspace. When you’re not actively using the burners, the board acts as additional counter space for food prep.

Store Food in Jars or Plastic Bins

Food items like flour, rice, and cereal take up more space than necessary because of the packaging. When you buy items, pour them into jars and containers that better fit your cabinet space. You’ll save room in your kitchen and can clearly see how much product you have left.

Use Other Areas to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

If you’ve maxed out your kitchen, look for flexible storage ideas. For example, a rolling cart can hold smaller kitchen appliances or a coffee station but it can be stored around the corner in an adjoining room. Decorative stacking boxes are another storage hack. These can be used for keeping infrequently used small appliances, utensils, paper plates, and plastic cutlery that are only needed when you’re hosting guests.

Saving space in a small kitchen is possible. You just need to be creative, flexible, and deliberate in your shopping. Use these ideas to maximize your current kitchen.

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