Moving into a new house is a busy and hectic time and a seemingly endless to-do list can feel overwhelming. Before settling into your new place, there are some necessary steps you’ll want to be sure to complete ahead of time. While you’re planning your move is the best time to set up utilities in your new home.

Make a List of Utilities You Need to Set Up

You’ll want to have power and water turned on at your new place before you begin your move. Make a list of other companies that you’ll need to contact for service.

Will you need cable and internet? Does your new home have a gas-powered oven or gas logs in the fireplace? Do you use the city’s sewer system? If so, this is another company you’ll need to call. Decide whether you need to install a security system or connect to one that already exists in the home. You may be able to set up some of these accounts online.

Set Up Utilities in Your New Home: Contact Utility Companies

A couple of weeks before the move, get in touch with utility providers to let them know you will need their services. Discuss any necessary deposits and ask about what date the service can be turned on. Have the power and water company connect service the day before you move in so those utilities are up and running during your move.

Notify Former Utility Providers

As you prepare to move, get in touch with your current utility providers to arrange for cut-off dates for your services. If you are in the process of selling your home, you’ll want to keep the necessary utilities turned on, like power, water, and gas, until the sale closes. Buyers won’t enjoy touring a property in the dark and the home inspector cannot test plumbing fixtures and gas-powered appliances if those services have been disconnected.

Budget for Utility Deposits

If you’re setting up services with a new provider, plan accordingly for a deposit to establish your account. Some deposits are refundable after a certain amount of time or the company may use it as a set-up fee. Deposits may be waived if you previously had service through that utility company, but if that’s not the case, be prepared to put down a deposit to open a new account.

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