The perfect summer barbecues have great food, refreshing drinks, friends and family, and no emergencies. When you get everyone together for a cookout, practice grilling safety tips to make sure your gatherings are as safe as they are fun.

Grilling Safety Means Plenty of Space for Cooking

When grilling, it’s important to give the grill enough space. Whether you’re grilling on the patio or the deck, the grill needs to be far away from branches and awnings. Ideally, the grill should be at least 10 feet away from the home, garage, deck railings, patio umbrellas, and any other structures. Make sure that kids and pets stay at least three feet away from the grill at all times.

Anyone operating the grill should use long-handled forks and tongs to make it easier and safer to cook. Keep hair and apron strings tied back and don’t wear baggy clothing while grilling.

Don’t Leave the Grill Unattended

One of the most important grilling safety tips is to never leave a grill unattended. With no adult present, it’s easy for children and pets to get too close to the grill and hurt themselves. Grill accidents happen most often when no one is attending the grill.

For Grilling Safety, Clean the Grates

Always use a clean grill to reduce the likelihood of flare-ups and for better tasting food. Learn how to properly and thoroughly clean your grill. Scrub the grates after every use so the grill will be free of fat and grease buildup.

Never Grill Indoors

Grilling in any enclosed area is dangerous. Grilling indoors or even on an enclosed porch allows carbon monoxide to build up and become a threat. Always grill outdoors in an open, well-ventilated space.

Don’t Overload the Grill

Overloading your grill can cause the flames to flare up and prevent food from cooking evenly. Cook food in smaller batches. While it may take a bit more time to grill this way, it is important for grilling safety.

Fires occur far too frequently as a result of improper grill usage. Stay safe this summer by following these grilling safety tips at your next cookout.

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