As a homeowner, you’ll need to make minor repairs from time to time and may also take on some DIY home improvements. The following are basic tools that every homeowner should have on hand.

Basic Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

Claw Hammer

A hammer and nails are used for repair work and for hanging things on a wall. While there are different types of hammers you can buy, a claw hammer is the most basic and useful. The claw-shaped back of the hammer will pry nails out of wood and drywall.

Screwdrivers are Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

A set of screwdrivers is the most basic set of tools you can own. Both flathead screwdrivers and Phillips head screwdrivers should be part of your toolbox. You can also purchase a multi-head screwdriver set, The set will cost more, but generally comes with tool attachments beyond the two standard styles of screwdrivers, like an Allen wrench and hexagonal tips for specialty screws.

Drill with Drill Bits

Shelves and items attached to the wall are usually held in place by screws and anchors, so you’ll need to pre-drill the holes. The most popular drill models are battery-powered for portability, but corded drills are also quite reliable. When buying a drill, invest in a variety of drill bits.

Socket Wrench Set

Modern plumbing and vehicle tires rely on bolts, so it’s smart to have tools that can loosen and tighten them. There are instances where standard open wrenches are handy, but if you only pick one, a socket wrench set is a great first choice. The wrench set should have both standard and metric sockets because you won’t know which kind you need until a project comes up.

Measuring Tape

Any project you tackle in the home will likely require measuring space. A sturdy 25′ measuring tape is the best item to pick up for this task.

More Tools That Every Homeowner Should Have

There are even more basic tools that every homeowner should have, from a level to wire cutters, but you can start building your toolset with these 5 basic items.

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