When buying a home, hire a home inspector to help you better understand the condition of the property. The rooms may look clean and neat when you tour the home, but there could be underlying issues that only a professional inspector would identify. If you’re purchasing a house, here are important things to look for in your home inspection report.

The Inspection will Report on the Foundation of the Home

The foundation is one of the most significant components of the house. A building with foundation problems may be unsafe and the repairs are often costly. The inspector will check the foundation for signs of trouble. If there is a basement or accessible crawl space, the inspector will also inspect and report on those areas of the house.


The roof is a major system of any home and is expensive to replace. The home’s roof will be inspected for damage, including any missing tiles or shingles. The gutters and flashing will also be checked.

The roofing may look adequate at first glance, but upon closer inspection is found to be nearing the end of its lifespan. Your home inspection report will note instances where the roofing materials are missing or beginning to fail and your inspector can often tell you when you should expect to replace the roof.

Appliances are Covered in Your Home Inspection Report

A home inspection will let you know if all of the appliances are working as they should. Any appliances that are included in the purchase of the property will be tested, and your home inspector will note the function of the machine in the report. Knowing the condition of the appliances will help you budget for future replacements.

Problems with Water Damage

Water damage often goes undetected in a home. Excess moisture leads to structural issues and mold growth. A leaking roof is a common cause of water damage and it may go unnoticed if there are no visible signs in the main living areas. If there is access to the attic space, the inspector will check for water stains and other signs of leaking. Finding these issues early can help to prevent mold and costly repairs.

Water damage can also be caused by faulty plumbing. An inspector has the knowledge and experience to notice plumbing issues. If the bottom of cabinets are spongy, wet, or damaged, it will be documented in the inspection report. Staining or discoloration are also telltale signs of a leaking pipe behind the wall or in the ceiling.

Safety Concerns in Your Home Inspection Report

A home inspection report will also cover health and safety issues. All homes should have smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Other things that pose serious risks are electrical wiring and structural issues.

The home inspection report will detail any issues discovered during the inspection. When buying a house, order an inspection to better understand the property you are investing in.

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