Technology has become practically inseparable from our daily lives. A renovation provides a perfect opportunity to bring your house up to date with integrated home technology. Here are a few ways to create a smart home to add convenience and functionality to your household.

Create a Smart Home With an Assistant Hub

The most important thing to consider when buying home technology is integration. What other types of smart home devices does this product work with? The idea is to choose solutions to integrate into your smart home. Start by incorporating a smart home assistant into your main living space. This hub is a smart speaker to which all other smart devices connect. Use your assistant to manage the household and control devices like integrated window blinds, smart bulbs, and smart speakers.

Security Cameras

Newer home assistants feature a screen interface, which allows the user to interact with various devices visually. It is a particularly useful feature if you have smart security cameras installed. Use your home assistant to view the front door or any other area with cameras.

Monitoring the home is especially comforting to new parents, as a smart security camera makes for a perfect baby monitor. You can also use your cell phone to view the security feed. The cameras connect to wifi, which means you can view them with your smartphone anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Appliances and Fixtures

Kitchen appliances have become increasingly feature-rich as more household appliances belong on the list of items with internet connectivity. Some refrigerators take inventory of the contents of your fridge and let you know what you should buy at the store. Smart microwaves perfectly warm your food with simple voice commands, taking the guesswork out of heating leftovers.

There are also smart features for your bathroom. Smart mirrors play videos and smart towel warmers can be operated via your home assistant or smartphone.

Create a Smart Home by Updating the Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs are affordable and energy-efficient, and they last a very long time before needing to be changed. Use your assistant to set up routines and automate your bedroom lights to come on with your morning alarm (great for family members who overuse the snooze button). You can also program light schedules while on vacation, which helps deter burglars by making the home appear occupied.

Locks and Doorbells

Smart locks and doorbells are becoming the most common update regarding home technology. These products often come equipped with a small security camera. Smart doorbells alert you when someone is at the door, and they allow you to talk with the guest via an intercom. Additional security cameras, which also connect to the internet, can be installed in just minutes and are designed to work with other smart home devices.

Create a Smart Home With Modern Outlets

Having a home equipped with USB charging ports is a huge convenience. Plugging a regular lamp into a smart outlet means you can control the light levels and automate the light to match your schedule, all with your home assistant or smartphone. With these solutions, homeowners enjoy the benefits of modern innovative home technology. You boost convenience and property value by incorporating these home technology solutions.

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