A backyard swimming pool provides a place for family time and relaxation. Unfortunately, a pool can be dangerous when proper precautions aren’t in place. Here are five ways to practice swimming pool safety this summer.

Swimming Pool Safety Begins With a Barrier

Some cities and HOAs require that your pool is protected by a fence of a certain height. Even if your local municipality doesn’t require it, create a boundary between the yard and the pool. Make sure that your fence is impossible for children to climb over or underneath. A good rule of thumb is to install a fence that’s at least five feet tall. It shouldn’t have gaps or spaces that small kids can fit through. Keep chairs and benches away from the fence so children won’t use them to climb over the boundary.

Install a Door or Gate to Secure the Pool

Your swimming pool safety plan should include gates and doors that children can’t unlock. Keeping unsupervised pets and children out of the pool will prevent accidents from happening.

Use a gate alarm that will sound when someone opens the gate and enters the pool area. Another alarm option is an in-pool motion detector so you’re notified when someone enters the water.

Swimming Pool Safety: Drains & Drain Covers

Inspect your pool’s drain. Make sure the cover is intact and secure. Suction from a pool drain can be especially dangerous for small children.

Pool Chemical Storage

Take care when maintaining your pool with chemicals. These products help keep the water clean and free of bacteria. However, mishandling chemicals can lead to illness, skin irritation, and even combustion.

Lock pool chemicals away so children and pets can’t access them. Keep your storage area free of any dirt, leaves, and flammable materials. Clean up any chemical spills right away and wash your hands after treating the pool water.

Set Pool Rules & Enforce Them

Owning a pool requires that you remain vigilant about safety. Set rules for pool use and make sure family members and guests abide by them. Teach children to never enter the area by themselves, to stay away from the pool drains, and to not run around the deck. Make sure there is always an adult present when the pool is in use. Keep a first-aid kit nearby and have flotation devices in an easy-to-access location.

If you use these swimming pool safety tips, you’ll be able to prevent accidents and keep the area safe for family and friends.

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