Summer is just around the corner and you’re looking forward to enjoying relaxing days by the pool. Take the time to make improvements and upgrades to get your pool looking its best before summer. Hire a contractor or tackle these projects yourself. Here are a few ideas for updating your pool.

Replace Outdated Tiles

If you have old or broken tiles around the perimeter of your pool, replace them. Your first decision to make will be which tile you’d like to use. Tile styles vary and there are many different colors, sizes, and patterns. A new tile design will revive the pool’s appearance. It doesn’t have to be a single color or design, but be sure to choose tiles that complement each other.

Updating Your Pool with LEDs

When swimming at night, lights make a big difference in pool safety and comfort. LEDs are simple to install and come in styles that have different effects. To install lights in your pool, you’ll need to drain the water enough to access the area where you’d like to install them. Solar-powered LEDs are a great option because they don’t require electricity, making installation much easier. Programmable LEDs can be set to change colors and turn on and off at certain times.

Replace the Coping When Updating Your Pool

Coping is the material around the top edge of the swimming pool. It protects the pool edge, keeps water from going behind the pool container, and adds to the aesthetic of the space. Either from acid rain or just through natural wear, the coping of your pool will become damaged over time. Every few years, inspect the coping to see if it needs to be replaced. There are plenty of options you can choose from including brick, concrete, natural stone, pavers, and more.

Add or Improve the Heating System

If your pool doesn’t have a heater, it’s a great investment that lets you extend the swimming season. You and your family will enjoy comfortable water anytime you use the pool. If you already have a heating system, consider investing in a more energy-efficient model. You’ll find pool heaters that offer different power options including solar and gas.

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